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The people are the most important resource in your team, so we’d like to introduce them to you. This way, you can get to know us better.
The Remodeled Home Inc. interior and exterior designers, including managers, work in harmony to provide tailored and fresh solutions to each client. While they know their job, the most important is to listen to the clients, so the project reflects the client in the first place. This customer-centric approach helps our designs to be in good shape, boosting the industry erudition of all of our staff.

Our Team

Alex zinati


Alex zinati has become part of our team, leaving behind 8 years of experience in logistics and management. He’s a highly accomplished professional in managing our logistics programs that even exceed our productivity goals. He can quickly identify operational requirements and push actions into plans. Having Emanuel on our board means that we’ll never face any problems with material management and inventory reconciliation.



If anything happens behind the scene, Sarit is a person who is in charge of the whole process. As a product manager with 7 years of experience covering product management, she has demonstrated high results in developing, implementing complex infrastructures for new companies and fast-growing start-ups. Sarit is precisely the person we need. She can solve any problem even before we know it.

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