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Need help with remodeling?

Know What Windows Can Do

The Remodeled Home Inc. is making homes beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Windows today are more sophisticated than they were six years ago. Low-e coating, new frame materials, and frame types, the better quality of insulting gasses between panes, new kinds of hardware, even the invention of self-cleaning glass make the product too complex for the ordinary consumer.

As a remodeling company, we’ve come to realize that only 10% of our clients are aware of the technologies involved. The lack of information means that they can’t take full advantage of windows. For example, fewer people know that laminated glass is good not only for blocking out the sound but also for safety. When coming to a contractor, they usually ask about handles, finishes, and details. However, what they should be asking about is thermal breaks, insulated glass, clad, or metal.

The Remodeled Home Inc. is a remodeler that has all the knowledge of products trends. When you address our company, the primary goal is to inform you on the options available, their costs, what benefit they will get for it.

Interior & Exterior

Stay Dry and Safe

Efficient windows save money and improve the comfort of the home, reduce UV damage to furnishings, allow as much daylight into the house.

We also keep up with the recent interior design and remodeling trends in Seattle, WA, a black interior option for doors and windows. Among available styles are single-and-double hung, single slider, casement, half-round, picture, awning, quarter-round, and many more. Our clients can also choose from a wide variety of colors, such as bronze, brick, chocolate, cream, espresso, driftwood, black silver, including a dozen grills styles and pattern options. White and tan interiors can be ordered as well.

If you need waterproof windows in a bathroom or other rooms, we can employ different methods. Your windows will be replaced with the best product that guarantees safety and dryness when raining season knocks at your door.