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Need help with remodeling?


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Painting is generally considered a finishing touch on a home renovation. Once main functional work is done, a homeowner can start painting his house.

Painting does more than improve the look of the interior, hiding stains and marks and protecting surfaces from damage. It reduces dust and dirt to a minimum and, more importantly, improves the household’s health and contributes to positive energy. Needless to say that as with any other remodel initiative, painting increases real estate value and boosts overall curb appeal.

At The Remodeled Home Inc., we use satin finishes for interior paint finish. Whether in the kitchen, playrooms, bathrooms, or laundry rooms, you will like this velvet with a slight sheen that is easy to clean. Other widespread options among our clients are semi-gloss and high-gloss paints, washable and highly durable. We would advise using these for doors, trim, cabinetry. The high-gloss paint can withstand weather and, therefore, can also work for garage doors.

Aluminum, vinyl, wood, and stucco can be prepared as a sprayed-on finish for the house siding. Vinyl is a superb option for its durability and energy efficiency, and this is why it remains a prime choice among homeowners.


Is your old paint drab and dirty? Trust The Remodeled Home Inc. to transform your rooms with show-stopping colors.

With so many color variants, choosing the right one might be a real challenge. But it might help to know that the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way people perceive colors. The 2021 colors of the year are calming neutrals, soft pastels that bring a sense of comfort along colors that reflect the adversities of 2020. It seems that the tendency will continue into the upcoming years as well.

Home painting can range from simple (e.g., kitchen updates) to complex (e.g., remodeling the whole apartment). No matter the level of complexity, we will strategize every step of the project to maximize its efficiency and guarantee your desired outcome.