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Find everything your flooring needs: vinyl, tile, laminate, carpet flooring, engineered hardwood, waterproof flooring, eco-friendly flooring, and American-made flooring.

The history of flooring has gone a long way. In the 19 century, the floors were just softwood planks, like pine that never waxed or finished. Generally, people would cover it with rugs or carpets, and close to the end of the century, hardwood floors were the major trend, often covered by parquet floors or adorned with beautiful decorations.

For some of us, a 20th-century floor would be associated with vinyl, a linoleum’s cheaper counterpart; and of course, stone, terrazzo, concrete, and wood strip flooring. In fact, a new flooring revolution of that era is attributed to vinyl inventor Dr. Waldo Semon in 1926.

The evolution of flooring has reached new heights in the new millennium, employing past decades’ industrial and technological achievements and coming up with effective solutions. Today, we are exposed to a myriad of flooring options that are easily cleaned and maintained.


Walk Confidently

The Remodeled Home Inc. offers tailored floor remodeling services. If you can’t afford straight-up marble flooring, then choose affordable stone look solutions.

However, even the most long-durable flooring, sooner or later, has to be replaced or remodeled. While for some people, it is just a whim to update the flooring to contemporary standards, for others, it’s an urgent need like replacing carpet padding to get rid of molds and swirling mud that negatively affects not only their comfort but health as well. Even heated floors that once were considered a luxury can be financially accommodated by many families.

In any way, the important thing to keep in mind is that a floor remodel would give an additional value to your house if you decide to sell it.

Whether you seek to remodel flooring for a new style or better functionality, with The Remodeled Home Inc., you can have peace of mind. Our Seattle team we’ll ensure a smooth renovation and designing process.