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Gorgeous and Cost-Efficient

Do you feel like your dwelling place isn’t a comfortable place to live anymore? Are you concerned about the safety of the house? Or, maybe, you ended up paying high electricity bills because of old windows and doors? If you answer “yes” to one of those questions, then it’s an apt time to make a move.

Home Remodeling Across Seattle, DC

Increase Your Home Value

Home remodeling is a good investment. Should you need to sell a house or rent it out at another stage of your life, you can be sure that a renovated property will always have a cutting-edge in the real estate market. In addition, a remodeled premise sells better and boosts ROI.


Interior design has an important role to play in the feeling of coziness and joy within the household. At The Remodeled Home Inc., interior designers have a great sense of place. So whether a client needs a reshape for a kitchen, living room, bathroom, basement, flooring, doors, windows, or virtually anything, they can rest assured that we’ll accomplish the project with a focus on their needs and preferences.

The inclusion of design elements, such as size, shape, color, and light in the house can change the perception of spaciousness. For example, if you have a small house, we’ll redesign your walls, ceilings, and lights in a way to make the place visually spacious.

The Remodeled Home Inc. also caters to furniture arrangements that reflect the personalities of individuals or families. It integrates elements like functional goals and equipment needs. For instance, with small children in the house, special functions would be considering less furniture in the middle of the living room and updating furniture that doesn’t have sharp edges.

Even more, by arranging furniture in a living room, our interior designers can trigger specific psychological reactions to improve the interaction and communication between you and your guests.

The success of our projects is partially attributed to the careful selection of top-quality materials. Among others, we use natural stones as wall and floor coatings in interior spaces. Bricks beautifully emphasize walls as well. And, of course, wood, which adds to the aesthetics of space.

While most remodeling companies come at steep prices, The Remodeled Home Inc. offers affordable but at the same time impactful home redesign. We’ll provide realistic quotations that allow you to plan your budget accurately.