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Redesign Garage

When it comes to remodeling your garage, transforming it from a messy and cluttered space for extra storage into useful spaces, trust The Remodeled Home to do the right job.

In the United States, 89% of homeowners state that they are not entirely satisfied with their garages and would like to give them some makeover. On the contrary, only 11% are those who say they are happy with their garages.
Consequently, this translates into more people willing to make changes. Besides, around 80% of home shoppers are looking for houses with garages. This means that the absence of the latter is correlated with the value of the house. However, homes that have unorganized and cluttered garages are less likely to attract potential buyers. Another interesting fact to consider – more than 90% of homebuyers will not purchase a home if the garage gives an impression of a pile of necessary and unnecessary items.

Therefore, seeking professional remodeling and design advice will help you make appropriate arrangements and stick to your budget without giving up your perception of the new space. Remodeling companies across Seattle, such as The Remodeled Home Inc., specialize in exterior renovation of different house elements, including garages.

Our services allow you to get the place you want. Moreover, our designers know which features are the most sought-after among homebuyers. For example, the best two garage investments with a high pay-off rate are additional living spaces, such as a gym and a new garage door.
The goal is to provide personalized service and, at the same time, add the details from the homebuyers’ perspective, preserving the home value for the future.



We’ll improve the outside appearance of your garage that would perfectly fit the overall style of a house. In addition, we will increase your home’s curb appeal on an affordable budget.