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Need help with remodeling?

Quality Deck Repair

We work with the best materials: composites, fiberglass, tropical hardwoods, pressure-treated wood, redwood, and cedar.

Decks are an excellent exterior element if you want to add some outdoor space to your property. The backyard can offer a glimpse of heaven with fresh air, daylight, plants, and flowers. Markedly, the outdoor deck naturally connecting to the indoor space can make your home more marketable.

As mentioned above, a deck is supposed to align inside with outside. Thus, it gives a sense of elevation from the ground and an unrivaled view of the home and beyond. Besides, the deck can be a place to spend time with friends or coworkers for barbeques, parties, and other fun activities.

According to data provided by EyeOnHousing, COVID-19 forced people to spend more time at home, which resulted in an increased demand for outdoor amenities, such as decks, patio, and porches. The RMI study revealed that over 50% of remodelers said they had observed an increase in deck demand, particularly in response to the pandemic. The Remodeled Home Inc. has also seen the tendency across Seattle, WA.


We Bring Joy To Homeowners

Let us extend your living and entertaining area. The Remodeled Home Inc. helps hundreds of individuals to repair decks across Seattle, Washington.

So remodeling or repairing the deck can be a great way to bring more colors into your indoor life and upgrade your home’s whole exterior. Although many online sources would teach how to build or renovate a deck, the task can be challenging without the help of professionals. As a result, what might seem an affordable project, might end up costing much more than you think.

On the contrary, leaving the project to professionals such as The Remodeled Home Inc. entails a quality service that considers your budget possibilities. We have the experience and the knowledge about the correct materials to be used for deck repair. Once you hire our team, we’ll provide you with a project timeline. Even more, we’ll inspect the deck to make sure there’s no dry rot and other issues without sacrificing the schedule.

Having The Remodeled Home Inc. on your side guarantees that you will have the finished deck in time for summer.