About Us

The Remodeled Home Inc. is a commercial and U.S. federal general contractor and remodeling company providing a comprehensive service across Seattle, WA. It specializes in mid to ultra-high interior and exterior design, offering remodeling projects for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, doors, windows, floors, decks, patios, and roofs. the company’s founder and CEO with extensive hands-on experience in the real estate industry and home design.

The Remodeled Home Inc. is committed to its clientele and likes to get to know each of them. It is passionate about fulfilling its projects across the seaport city of Seattle and its surrounding suburbs.

The difference between The Remodeled Home Inc. and its rivals on the market is our team, which is comprised of high-profile individuals with excellent educational and professional backgrounds. Besides, most of our team members have 7+ years of remodeling experience they contribute to the company’s advancement.

By hiring Remodeled Home Inc., you hire the most distinguished interior and exterior designers in Washington state, which can make home a pleasant and comfortable place to live.

Our Services

Home Remodelling
Interior Design
Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Bedroom Renovation